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Hot yoga calories – Hot yoga is a combination of yoga positions and poses that are usually conducted and performed in rooms and environments that are hot. Rooms that have their temperatures regulated into a hot session are crucial in enabling the body stretch. It provides more flexibility, thus enabling aversion of injury. The hot temperature also helps in making your body sweat off pounds of sweat, thus making it quicken the metabolism and burning lots of calories.

Hot yoga sessions are usually performed in temperatures that range from 100 degrees and above; these degrees, combined with a 90 minute session of hot yoga performance, helps you burn between 500-1000 calories. The number of calories you lose also depends on the nature of your gender, your body mass, weight, and your determination in carrying out vigorous work-out poses.

A very common type of hot yoga that is being practiced worldwide and especially in western countries is the Bikram yoga type, which when followed for some time, proves to be a good and fun way when it comes to yoga for weight loss.

hot-yoga-caloriesHot yoga helps you achieve:

  • Belief; When you practice hot yoga, it helps you place your attention, not only on your beliefs, but on your thought process. It is safe then to say that this yoga type helps you drastically and permanently changes your belief and thought process, thus processing and achieving weight loss. This yoga type helps you get rid of beliefs such as, “I will never lose weight” so you will discover that you’re achieving more positive results.
  • Regular Practice; This is crucial to help your body burn calories fast. You need to ask yourself how many times do you eat in a day and how many weekly work-out sessions will help burn calories. Answering these vital questions will help you understand why a 3-5 day hot yoga practice will help you achieve and discover new position patterns that will help hasten weight loss. The sessions you conduct will help in making your body suppresses cravings, as well as setting you on a path where you change your eating behaviors in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The patterns will also help you improve your breathing which comes in handy in helping you reduce stress levels and improving your body food retention where you will not feel hungry fast or need to eat too much thus making you lose weight perfectly.
  • Eating Regime; Since not everyone can be a vegetarian, attending yoga sessions helps you help your body in defining the forms of foods that you will be craving for. Most of the foods will fall under the vegetable category, where you will see yourself losing weight. Maintaining a balanced diet is also advised, and in doing so, you will come to realize that the more you keep on practicing hot yoga the more your junk food interest wane thus permitting you to consume foods that add value into your body.
  • Self-Acceptance; Hot yoga accords you the chance of discovering yourself getting in-touch with your inner being thus making you accept yourself. This yoga type makes you become comfortable in your own body type and shape. And the key to change is acceptance since if you accept your body then changing its look will not be an uphill task since everything/form of yoga pose and dietary changes you result to will make you lose weight gradually.
  • Hydration; As much as you continue with your yoga sessions, you should know that the hot room will make you sweat excessively and your body will be in a position where it detoxes and expels out all the salt in it. Knowing this, you should know keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of non-spiked water goes a long way in ensuring that you keep the body well hydrated as water is known to hasten the process of removing waste from your body.
  • Perfection; As you carry on with your exercise regime, you should ensure that you have reached a position where you can perfectly do your poses and position since doing them right and doing them over and over will make you get the desired body shape.

hot-yoga-caloriesA perfect exercise routine also encourages you to carry on working-out and forms of work out conducted by your yoga instructor are aimed at helping you burn calories. Some of the poses done in a hot yoga work out include: press in your stomach and holding it in for a period of time; butt clenching also helps you lose weight in the back and thigh area.

These exercises also help strengthen your muscles around the abdominal area as well as thigh muscles converting the fat into muscle leaving you looking lean and trendy.

NB: The easiest way to gauge how hot yoga benefits help in burning calories, you should ensure that you watch how your dress size and trouser sizes keep on reducing as your waist becomes smaller.

Keep on checking your face on a weekly basis to see whether the exercise has brought about a certain glow that comes with healthy weight loss. Your skin texture also changes for the better since yoga helps you detox all the impurities. As you keep on sweating out the salt from your body, you shall discover that your skin colour will change from a greyish colour to a colour that makes you look healthy.

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